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Professionalism & Care throughout the journey!
It is no secret that the medical transport landscape of our country needs a major overhaul. Yes, India lacks a reliable infrastructure and a level of efficiency. However, when you look beyond these concerns, you realise that there is an issue which has been persistent over the years. One that can’t be resolved through technological advancements. Yes, drivers lacking professionalism and empathy is just as big a concern as anything else.

Be it a private ambulance service or one that’s provided by the government, they all have one thing in common. A paramedic. Sure, a medically trained expert is a must in all ambulances. But why should it stop at just the paramedic? Why can’t the drivers be trained too? After all, when emergency strikes, every helping hand matters. This is where our drivers stand apart from drivers of any other ambulance service.

With great knowledge comes great responsibility. And STANFLEET’s drivers have a knack for dealing with their responsibilities in the most professional manner. Just like our EMTs, our drivers are also medically trained experts. Their abilities go beyond expertise to provide Basic Life Support. From performing CardioPulmonary Resuscitation to providing First Aid, our drivers are well versed at it all. Regardless of the advanced equipment present in an ambulance, they are adept at handling it all.

We have always believed that great things can happen when you combine proficiency with a strong degree of professionalism. Which is why we ensure our drivers are well versed at tackling any and every situation. While there will always be a few situations which are more challenging than others, our drivers are known to rise up to the occasion when the time comes.

A few such challenges can be ensuring the patient’s comfort when the roads are rocky and finding a way to reach the hospital on time regardless of the traffic. To address this, we make sure that each of our drivers are well versed at defensive driving. An essential quality to have for anyone driving an ambulance. Of course, it’s important to have all these skill sets, but we pay heed to a driver’s conduct just as much. They know just how to balance a level of professionalism and empathy at the same time. Being compassionate is an innate ability they all possess. Which has always been a huge part of our culture.

All in all, what really make a StanPlus driver stand apart from the rest are an amalgamation of their skill sets, their level of professionalism and a sense of compassion for everyone.

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