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Types of Ambulances

Patient Transport Vehicle

The Patient Transport Vehicle is a small or large van used to transport patients who are in stable condition and do not need anything more than oxygen.
These are smaller vehicles like Omni or Eeco which can carry up to 2 people along with patient.

    Key Equipment
  • Hydraulic stretcher (large)
  • Slide stretcher (small)
  • Oxygen cylinders
  • First Aid Kit
  • Extra seats for passengers
  • PatientTransport
    Basic Life Support BLS

    Basic Life Support

    The Basic Life Support is a large van with key basic medical facilities. Not equipped to sustain un-stable patients for a prolonged duration.
    These are larger vehicles like Tempo or Force which can carry up to 4 people along with patient

      Key Equipment
  • Immobilization sets
  • Monitoring and diagnostic
  • Oxygen supply & Basic Respiratory Support
  • Consumables & Disposables
  • Safety Tools
  • Advanced Life Support

    The Advanced Life Support is a large van with equipment for unstable patients. Utilised in emergency situations and long-distance transfers.
    These are larger vehicles like Tempo or Force which can carry up to 4 people along with patient

      Key Equipment
  • All BLS Equipment
  • Infusion & Drug Administration equipment
  • Respiratory Support
  • First Aid Kit
  • Extra seats for passengers
  • Advanced Life Support ALS
    Medical Utility Vehicle MUV

    Medical Utility Vehicle

    The Medical Utility Vehicle is a state-of-the-art small or large van that is designed to facilitate the movement & transfer of patients.

      Key Equipment
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Helpers for Mobility
  • Seat Swivel
  • First Aid Kit
  • Air Ambulance

    Air ambulances help in transfer of patient across long distances in both emergency and non-emergency situations. We also provide Air Cargos which help in transfer of dead bodies across long distances.

      Key Advantages
  • Assisted by Doctor & Paramedic
  • Access to more Airports
  • Local and Global Transit
  • Time efficient
  • StanPlus Air Ambulance

    Why Prefer Us?

    Patient First Policy

    We at StanPlus believe in providing proper medical assistance to patients and make all the necessary arrangements for their hassle free bed-to-bed transit.

    24/7 response center

    Our trained agents help you in booking an ambulance in less than 15 seconds in emergency/non-emergency situations as per the condition of the patient.

    Emergency assistance

    A highly expercienced Stan Doctor is available to assist the patient in case of emergency while the ambulance reaches the location in less than 15 minutes.

    Certified Quality

    Our ambulances deliver the highest quality service. There is no time more urgent than an emergency to have the right talent and equipment available.

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